MacArthur Heights/Reedman Heights Waterworks

Today's Turbidity Index: Good
Service Area Map: MacArthur-Reedman
System Updates:
Treatment: Ultra Violet Disinfection, Filtration and Chlorination (Hypo Injection)
Water Source: Shuswap Lake

The MacArthur Heights/Reedman Heights Water System is located on Eagle Bay Road approximately 10 kms from the Trans Canada Highway. Approximately 93 properties are currently connected to this system with a potential for 150 at build-out.

The system has ultraviolet disinfection and chlorination and a SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system which provides full remote monitoring capabilities.

Costs of Connection For Properties Outside Water Service Area

Reserve Contribution: 10 times the Parcel Tax (For example $200 = $2,000)

A Public Assent process must also take place prior to a property connecting to the MacArthur Heights/Reedman Heights Water System in order to include that property into the Water Service Area.

Connection Fee: $2,000 per property

Costs of Connection For Properties Within Existing Water Service Area

Please note this represents a standard installation that does not require any added engineering or infrastructure costs. 

Connection Fee: $2,000 per property

Annual Water System Fees
Parcel Tax: approximately $200 per year per parcel
User Fee: $510 per year per residence

Water System Application for Services and Agreement Form Download
Electronic Biling Request Form - Utility Billing Download
Spring 2016 Download
Spring 2017 Download
Spring 2019 Download
2013 Water Quality Report Download

Report Water Issues

For non-emergency water related issues or connection questions, or for emergencies, occurring between 9 AM and 4 PM Monday to Friday, call:

Operations Management
T: 250.833.5950
TF: 1.888.248.2773

In the event of a water emergency after office hours call:
TF: 1.877.996.3344