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Street lights improve visibility and safety for pedestrians and traffic. The CSRD has established a number of Street Lighting Service Areas through a formal assent process initiated by the property owners living within those service areas.

Typically, there are two types of street lights. The most common type is a light mounted on a wooden hydro pole, called an Overhead Street Light.  The hydro pole mounted street lights are owned and maintained by BC Hydro.  BC Hydro leases them to the CSRD, who is then responsible for collecting the taxes to operate these lights, along with reporting of any equipment issues to BC Hydro on behalf of the public.

The other type of street light is called an Ornamental Street Light, which is mounted on a metal pole. These types of lights are owned by the CSRD, and are maintained by the CSRD through a contract with a qualified electrical contractor.

Currently the CSRD operates five Street Lighting Service Areas.

Five Service Areas consist of Overhead Street Lights (lights on BC Hydro owned poles):

Street lighting area Map
Blind Bay View
Falkland View
Rural Sicamous View
Sorrento View
St. Ives View
Strata K46 (Totem Pole Resort) View
Swansea Point View

The Blind Bay Service Area also has an Ornamental Street Light program (lights on metal poles). This is located in Shuswap Lake Estates in Electoral Area C (South Shuswap). The Blind Bay Service Area includes the Crestview, Fairway Greens, Highlands and Mountview lights.


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