Solid Waste & Recycling

Program Information

All Solid Waste Refuse Disposal Sites (landfills and transfer stations) within the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) are operated by the CSRD.

Landfill sites can be found in the CSRD municipalities of Salmon Arm, Sicamous, Revelstoke and Golden. Transfer Stations are located in Seymour Arm, Scotch Creek, Skimikin (Tappen), Glenemma, Falkland, Malakwa, Trout Lake and Parson. 

Solid Waste Management includes landfill and transfer station operation, recycling programs, and waste-reduction education.

For an overview of Solid Waste Management and Recycling in the CSRD, a reference guide is available. The guide outlines the CSRD's role, responsibilities and requirements with regards to solid waste and recycling in the region.

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The program is administered on a region-wide basis and the services are divided into geographic areas.

The Salmon Arm area includes Salmon Arm and surrounding areas as well as the communities of Seymour Arm, Scotch Creek, Skimikin, Falkland and Glenemma. The Sicamous area consists of the municipality of Sicamous and surrounding area. The Revelstoke area includes the municipality of Revelstoke and outlying areas including Malakwa and Trout Lake. The Golden area includes the Town of Golden and outlying areas including Parson.

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Regulatory Requirements

Programs offered and site operations are performed in accordance with:

  • CSRD Solid Waste Management Plan;
  • CSRD Landfill Sites Design and Operations Plans;
  • Operating Certificates (issued by the Ministry of Environment);
  • CSRD Bylaws and Policies; and
  • Provincial legislative requirements and generally accepted principles and practices.
Solid Waste and Recycling Forms  
Asbestos Disposal Application Form
Community Clean Up Waiver Form
Composter Application Form
Controlled Waste Disposal Application Form
Soil Disposal Application Form
Landfill Tour Request Form
Master Composter/Recycler Program Form
Solid Waste Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee Expression of Interest Form
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Year Title Electoral Area Report
2020 Golden Landfill - Alternative options report August 2020
Electoral Area A
Town of Golden
2020 Landfill Water Quality Update
All Areas
2020 Golden Landfill Decommissioning Cost Assessment - Addendum #1
Electoral Area A
Town of Golden
2020 Skimikin Landfill Annual Report 2020
Electoral Area C
2020 Salmon Arm Landfill Annual Report 2020
City of Salmon Arm