Reinecker Creek Trail

Reinecker Creek recreational trail has a lower loop contained almost entirely within Herald Provincial Park.

This is a moderate hike that begins with switchbacks and climbs about 200 feet through picturesque fir and pine forest with views of Shuswap Lake. The recreational trail then descends gradually to cross the creek and returns on the west side on an old logging (skid) road, exiting onto Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road about 200 metres west of the Margaret Falls Trail parking lot. The hike takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Two longer loops branch off the lower loop just 60 metres to the east of the foot bridge across Reinecker Creek and switchbacks onto a bench above the creek. Then it continues for 4 km to another bridge crossing. Another loop continues north towards White Lake and again crosses onto the west side to join an ATV track that continues on to White Lake at Woodhaven Campground.

Reinecker Creek Trail begins in Herald Provincial Park and continues north onto Crown land on the east side of Reinecker Creek. The CSRD holds Section 57 authority under the Forest and Range Practices Act to build and maintain this trail.

Bridge closure

Hikers on the Reinecker Creek Trail need to be aware that the upper north bridge crossing is out due to damage to the bridge in Spring 2019. 

The area has been marked off and hikers should not attempt to cross. The popular trail is still accessible up to the bridge for an out-and-back hike. It is not known when repairs to the bridge will be completed

New! Geo-referenced Trail Map (PDF)

Park Location

Turn north off Trans Canada Highway onto Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road at Tappen, BC, proceed east for approximately 12 km to Herald Provincial Park. Parking is available in the Magaret Falls Trail parking lot. Trailhead is 0.5 km east on Canoe Point Road, take steps up bank to start hike.

Address: 5000 Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Rd, Tappen, BC