Mapping FAQs

How do I expand a layer group?

Layers that are similar (parks-related, labels, etc.) are typically grouped together in the Online Mapping and Property Information tool. You can expand, or compress, these groupings by clicking on the  +  (expands) or  –  (compresses) signs that precede the layer names.

How do I toggle between the results and the layers lists?

When more than just the layers list is being displayed, use the tabs located at the bottom of the left-side panel of your map window to toggle between the results list and the layers list.

How do I turn layers on and off?

To turn on or off a layer in the layer list, click the box that precedes the layer name. A checked box indicates a layer that is turned on.

If a layer you are interested in viewing is located within one of the layer groupings (for example, “Addresses”) the layer of interest as well as the parent layer (for example “Property Labels”) must both be checked on.  

How do I zoom to a property after I have searched for it using global search?

When you enter information into the Global Search bar, a list of results is populated in the left-side panel of your map window. Locate the entry for the property you are inquiring about, and click that entry. 

Your map window will zoom to the property in question. The property is highlighted (black outline) and “selected” for further action.

What can I do with the global search results list?

There are a few things that you can do with the Search Results list.

1. Click on the result, in the result list, to select AND zoom to a property
2. Create a property report for the property
3. Apply for a civic address for the property

What does "OCP" mean?

OCP is a Local Government Planning acronym that stands for “Official Community Plan”.

The Local Government Act defines an official community plan (OCP) as a general statement of the broad objectives and policies of the local government respecting the form and character of existing and proposed land use and servicing requirements in the area covered by the plan. It must consider anticipated housing needs, schools, service requirements, public facilities, location and requirements for commercial, industrial, agricultural and other land uses, and restrictions on lands that are environmentally sensitive or hazardous.

An OCP is a long-term strategy for land use management, development, and servicing. This document is created by the community in dialogue with locally elected commission and committee members, and is intended to serve as a statement of the objectives and policies of the local government. The goals of an OCP are implemented through its zoning bylaw.

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Where do I find OCP and zoning bylaw information?

For information regarding the CSRD’s Official Community Plans (OCP), visit the CSRD website at:

For information regarding the CSRD’s Zoning & Land Use Bylaws, visit the CSRD website at:

There is also a    link in the Description pane for your selected property, which will bring you directly to the specific OCP or Zoning Bylaw documentation that applies to your selection (where they exist). 

You can use the  link, in the Description pane, to download a CSRD reference map containing your selected property and its OCP or Zoning Bylaw boundaries.

Where is the legend?

A legend is available that defines the symbology for the layers you have turned ON. (Off layers will not display in the legend)

To access the legend, click the Panel Actions Menu and choose Show Legend

The legend will appear, replacing the Layer List

You can toggle between the legend and your selection using the tabs at the bottom of the left-side pane.

To get back to the layers list, you must click again on the Panel Actions Menu and this time choose Show Layer List