Environmental Monitoring

Program Information

Groundwater samples are collected from a network of monitoring wells, domestic wells and surface sampling points within the communities of:

  • Anglemont
  • Celista/Magna Bay
  • Nicholson
  • Seymour Arm
  • Sorrento/Blind Bay
  • Sunnybrae
  • Swansea Point
  • White Lake

Samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis and the findings are compared with data from previous years to assess the impacts of domestic septic effluent on groundwater conditions in those communities.

Samples are taken twice per year in the Sorrento/Blind Bay area and Nicholoson. Smapling is done once per year in Anglemont. Groundwater Monitoring Reports are completed in December of each year.

Groundwater Mapping

View groundwater information for the entire CSRD.

To view individual groundwater mapsheets place your cursor over the middle of a mapsheet and click.

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Year Title Electoral Area Report
2012 Revelstoke Landfill Annual Report
City of Revelstoke
Electoral Area B
2012 Golden Annual Environmental Monitoring Report
Electoral Area A
Town of Golden
2012 Salmon Arm Annual Environmental Monitoring Report
City of Salmon Arm
Electoral Area C
Electoral Area D
Electoral Area E
Electoral Area F
2012 Skimikin Annual Environmental Monitoring Report
Electoral Area C
2012 Anglemont Final Report
Electoral Area F