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Want to give back to your community, make a difference to people affected by disaster, develop new skills and meet new people?

As a volunteer with SEP you will be helping to make the Shuswap safer, stronger and better prepared for any future emergency or disaster situation.

SEP volunteers and associated services assist their communities in many ways. You can meet and greet, care for pets, learn about amateur radio, provide emotional support, run messages and much more. It takes the efforts of many to ensure that, if an emergency occurs, there is someone to respond.

Volunteers are crtically important for the success of a community's Emergency Program. SEP is always looking for volunteers to assist in various capacities depending on experience and availability.  Contact SEP for further volunteer information.

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Exercise Joint Fury: Training in Multi-Agency Emergency Response  

On May 14, 2016, the Shuswap Emergency Program, in collaboration with Waterway Houseboats and the District of Sicamous, facilitated a full-scale exercise practicing joint emergency management response procedures to a major event. 

Full-scale exercises are  valuable means of validating training and emergency procedures. They can help to determine any gaps or weaknesses in an emergency plan while providing an opportunity for personnel to practice, examine and improve agency and personal performance in a realistic, yet safe, environment. 

The Shuswap Emergency Program would like to thank the many agencies and organizations that participated and helped Exercise Joint Fury meet and successfully attain all training goals and objectives.