Public Awareness Advisory - Warmer Temperatures Forecasted

Latest Forecast for Shuswap Lake Level

June 5, 2014 - 1 PM

This morning, the BC River Forecast Centre reported that the Shuswap Lake should reach peak over the next few days.  The lake is currently at 348.5 meters and is expected to peak around 348.6 meters.  This level is similar to the same lake levels reached in 2011 and 2013 and is a full meter below the lake level reached in 2012.

Recently, a local website has been reporting on El Nino, with a suggestion that perhaps there may be rainfall occurring in June similar to what occurred in 2012, which has prompted many in our area to believe the lake will rise relative to 2012 levels.  Expert projections say that the 2012 level will not occur.  Over the next two weeks, there is no forecast for heavy rainfall for the province, except perhaps for isolated thunderstorms similar to what has been experienced over the past few days in the Shuswap Region.

The BC River Forecast Centre confirmed that smaller tributaries in the Shuswap Region have peaked, however if a thunderstorm were to stall and park over a particular drainage system, that creek and tributary could react to the excessive rain.  Such smaller rainfalls are not expected to have any impact on the level of the Shuswap Lake.

Environment Canada confirms that weather forecast for the weekend is for temperatures in the mid to high 20’s.

For more information regarding the Shuswap Emergency Program, please visit

In the Event of a Flood Emergency

To report a flooding incident involving immediate danger to life call 911

To report all other debris flow emergencies to the 24/7 Provincial Emergency Reporting Line at 1.800.663.3456

If a flood has or is about to occur, and the public is potentially in danger, the applicable Local Government(s), whether it is the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, the City of Salmon, or the District of Sicamous will likely issuing and publishing Evacuation Alerts or Evacuation Orders to the residents and occupants within the affected area(s).

When a flooding emergency occurs, the Shuswap Emergency Program will publish timely Public Advisories which will be posted on the CSRD website and Facebook page, as well as being distributed to local radio stations and newspapers.