Neighbourhood Emergency Program

After disasters or during other major emergencies, previous experiences have revealed that emergency services response can be delayed for over 72 hours.

Demands on these services have been proven so great that many requests for help cannot be handled immediately. Access to phones, gas, water and electrical services can be cut off.

During disaster situations, experience has also shown that neighbours naturally come together to help one another. Learning how to be prepared can be crucial.

The Shuswap Emergency Program is actively supporting NEP groups in our area. To find out more about how to start a NEP group in your neighbourhood, contact 250.833.5927 or email

What is a Neighbourhood Emergency Program?

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Emergency Program (NEP) is to ensure that Emergency Preparedness is well practiced in the area where it will be most effective – our communities, neighbourhoods and homes. This is accomplished by providing information which can assist neighbourhoods identify their local skills and resources to ensure they are more organized to effectively deal with a disaster.

How is a Neighbourhood Defined?

A neighbourhood is defined in many ways: a small community, a block of single family homes, a co-op complex, strata, an apartment building, mobile home park or other grouping of families.

What are the Benefits of NEP?

NEP can assist you and your neighbours plan to become more resilient to disasters by:

  • Identifying potential hazards and their impact
  • The preparation of a neighbourhood response plan
  • Learning what are your existing localized resources you can work with
  • Promoting training in personal preparedness (e.g., first aid, fire suppression…)
  • Learning how to report neighbourhood status to the Emergency Operations Centre.

Although many natural disasters cannot be prevented, we can mitigate their effects through preparation and neighbourhoods who are prepared are more likely to:

  • Cope effectively during the event
  • Recover more quickly after the event.

Map of Current Neighbourhood Emergency Programs