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Electoral Area E Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 840
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Zoning Bylaws

Zoning Bylaws are authorized under the Local Government Act (Division 7) to enable regional districts to regulate land use and implement the objectives of an Official Community Plan.

As a regulatory tool, Zoning Bylaws specify permitted uses for different areas of the community and assign specific regulations to these areas to guide development. For example, Zoning Bylaws include regulations with regard to density as well as the siting and sizing of buildings.

Property owners seeking to develop or redevelop their property should consult the Zoning Bylaw to determine the permitted regulations for their zone.

Land Use Bylaws

Land Use Bylaws are a blend of Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws.  This format is historic and no longer permitted and long range staff are working to replace the Land Use Bylaws with separate Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws for each area.

Electoral Area Zoning and Land Use bylaws provided below


Use the mapping to view zoning mapping and find the zoning for a property. Search options include: civic address, PID, legal plan, roll number. More tips on using the maps.

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DISCLAIMER: All zoning & land use bylaws and maps on this website are consolidated for convenience only and are not the legal documents. Because zoning & land use bylaws and maps are routinely amended, contact us to verify the regulations.

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