Shuswap Agriculture Strategy

Over the past two years CSRD Development Services and Economic Development Departments have had several discussions with the Board and Regional Economic Development Committee concerning the need for a Sub-Regional Agricultural Strategy (i.e. Shuswap Area Electoral Areas ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘F’).   A Sub-Regional Agricultural Strategy is a multi-faceted project that is to provide staff, the Board and the public with a context within which to make policy and land use decisions that will, or may, have an impact on agriculture in the regional district.

The overarching intent of the Strategy is to support the growth of the agricultural sector of the region in order to create a sustainable agricultural economy, protection of agriculturally capable land, and to integrate existing economic and land use policies into future strategic plans that are approved by the Board.  This project will therefore be undertaken in cooperation with the CSRD’s Economic Development Department as the Strategy will need to examine the overall economic impact of agriculture in the region and propose economic policies and plans that would promote the agricultural sector in the CSRD.

The first goal of the Strategy will be to conduct an agricultural assessment/inventory of agricultural lands in the region.  This would include lands that are currently in the ALR, lands that are designated or zoned agriculture, and lands that have agricultural capability.

A second goal of the Strategy will be to examine existing land use planning documents and policies that impact on agriculture directly or indirectly, and make recommendations with regard to undertaking the development of new plans or policies.