Cannabis Retail Store Application - Electoral Area D (Highway Cannabis Co.)

Application Status: Under review

Highway Cannabis Co. has applied for a Cannabis Retail Store Licence. This application is for a proposed non-medical retail cannabis store to be located at 5661 Highway 97, Falkland in Electoral Area D of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD). View the subject property in the Maps, Plans, and Photos below. 


CSRD File Number

4600 60 05

Proposed Store Name:  Highway Cannabis Co.
Address:  5661 Highway 97, Falkland   
Property Size:  0.05 hectare
Retail space: 55 m² 
Zoning:  C – Commercial 
Official Community Plan Designation:  N/A
Proposed Hours of Operation:  10 AM – 7 PM
Estimated Number of Employees:  2 full-time employees and 1 part-time employees
Parking Five on-site parking spaces

CSRD Land Use Regulations and Policy 

The Salmon Valley Rural Land Use Bylaw No. 2500 permits retail sales on this property.  No rezoning will be required for the proposed store to proceed.  

The CSRD has adopted a Policy to address Cannabis-Related Businesses in the areas of the CSRD which are located outside municipal boundaries, First Nations Reserves and National Parks. The proposed retail store is compliant with this policy.   

Additional Information

If the proponent of Highway Cannabis successful in obtaining support for this application from the CSRD Board, the next step will be to apply to the provincial Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) for a cannabis retail store licence that will allow for the sale of non-medical cannabis and cannabis accessories.   

Prior to issuing a licence, all applicants must undergo security screening, including a criminal and police record check and financial integrity checks.  All proposals must also meet provincial requirements regarding floor plan and site plan, physical security, store exterior design, signage, and storage.    

Before making comments and providing a recommendation on a cannabis retail application, the CSRD must first gather the views of residents in the area.  For this application, the CSRD is conducting a survey.

The CSRD’s role in the licencing process is to review the application and ensure it complies with zoning and any permitting requirements (e.g., building permit, development permit). This application will also be reviewed by the CSRD Board of Directors, who will provide comments and make a recommendation to the LCRB as to whether or not they support the application:

  • If the CSRD makes a recommendation to deny the application, the LCRB may not issue the licence.
  • If the CSRD makes a recommendation in favour of the application, the LCRB has discretion whether or not to issue the licence, but must consider the local government’s recommendation.

Feedback Opportunity


The objective of this survey is to gather the views from residents who feel their interests may be affected by the opening of a cannabis retail store at 5661 Highway 97, Falkland. The data collected from this survey will be provided to the CSRD Board of Directors to assist in informing their decision to either support, or not support the issuance of the proposed cannabis retail store licence. This decision will then be communicated to the LCRB for their consideration in approving, or not, the cannabis retail licence. The survey was open until March 5, 2021.

Please Note: the public survey is now closed for submissions.

For further information please contact:

Jan Thingsted, Planner III

Maps, Plans, Photos

Location map

Aerial view

Site plan

Existing building