Current Planning Applications & Decisions

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Applicant File Location Documents Type
413973 BC Ltd. (John Paul Thompson) DP830-237 DP830-237 Development Permit
Abco Marine Developments David Cunliffe DP830-208 Development Permit
Anderson, Darren Blakeway, Elizabeth McIsaac, Emily Anderson, Glenn Mcisaac, Jordan Anderson, Lorna DP725-116 Development Permit
Andrew and Leslie Bogdan DP830-239 Development Permit
Anglemont Estates Golf Course BL650-13 Bylaw
Anne M Wyssen Peter Wyssen LC2511 ALR Application
Armstrong Point Resort (Michael and Marianne Hacquard) DP725-82 Development Permit
Baer, Jordan and Heidi LC2521 ALR Application
Barry Palumbo DVP641-27 Development Variance
Benesh, Edward DP830-173 Development Permit
Bergen, Clifford and Donna DP830-180 Development Permit
Bernacki, Peter Bell, Melinda Mickle, Richard TUP850-04 Temporary Use Permit
Bernard and Jeanne Rokstad Stefan Flanders (agent) Painless Underground Sprinklers & Landscaping DP830-211 Development Permit
Billy Wayne Jacobi EX650-04 Exemption
Birkich, Pina Birkich, Stanko Dingman, Yolanda LC2533 ALR Application
Blackham, Murray and Donna DP725-87 Development Permit
Blair and Regan Coleman BL900-23 Bylaw
Blast Developments Inc DVP800-26 Development Variance
Blast Developments Inc. DP830-177 Development Permit
Bob and Evelyn Isley Greg Darroch BL830-18 Bylaw
Bob and Evelyn Isley Greg Darroch BL800-30 Bylaw
Boulder Mountain Resort DP850-28 Development Permit
Boulder Mountain Resort BL851-13 Bylaw
Brausse, Timothy and Annette EX825-05 Exemption
Brausse, Timothy and Annette DP830-194 Development Permit
Brighton, Shayne and Suzanne BL851-08 Bylaw
Bruce and Kathleen Remington BL900-16 Public Hearing, Public Hearing Bylaw
Calvin W. Withrow BL701-92 Bylaw
Carmela and Donald McCarthy DP725-123 Development Permit
Catherine and Deane Gerry DP830-126 Development Permit
Catherine Bow LC2507 ALR Application
Catherine Dickison EX701-25 Exemption
Catherine Gerry DVP800-25 Development Variance
Christian & Missionary Alliance (Canadian Pacific District) DVP701-73 Development Variance
Christine and Michael Lieske DP725-146 Development Permit
Clarke, Robert and Cindy LC2520 ALR Application
Columbia Shuswap Regional District Advisory Planning Commission Bylaw No. 648 BL648-1
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL830-19 Bylaw
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL900-24 Bylaw
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL800-26
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL825-34
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL650-11
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL701-83
Columbia Shuswap Regional District DVP900-04 Development Variance
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL2064
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL2066
Columbia Shuswap Regional District BL701-86
Public Hearing Bylaw
Columbia View HomesLtd. LC2536 ALR Application
Corrigan, Dean & Stacey EX2000-10 Exemption
Crescent Bay Holdings DP725-23 Development Permit
CSRD for The Owners of K46 aka "Totem Pole Resort" BL900-14 Bylaw
Darcy Lux BL900-18 Bylaw
Dave Anderson Triton Docks Inc. (Agent) DP830-199 Development Permit
David and Elaine Sigalet DVP701-78 Development Variance
David E. Howe DP830-246 Development Permit
David Hawkins Triton Docks DVP900-03 Development Variance
David Olson & Jacqueline Kennedy DVP800-22 Development Variance
Dean and Lorelei McAuley EX800-10 Exemption
Dean and Lorelei McAuley DVP800-30 Development Variance
Dean and Sally Handley Franklin Engineering dvp641-26 Development Variance
Delbert and Margaret Schneider Ross Rathbone DP830-197 Development Permit
Diana Dickinson EX851-01 Exemption
Diana Dickinson DVP851-02 Development Variance
Diana Dickinson DP850-10 Development Permit
Donald and Kathryn Lefevre DVP800-27 Development Variance
Donald K Munk / Downie RV Resorts BL850-07 Bylaw
Donald K Munk / Downie RV Resorts BL851-03 Bylaw
Donald Saretzky Brenda Saretzky DP830-200 Development Permit
Dunn, Robert and Calla EX825-06 Exemption
Dwight and Teresa Gallinger Triton Docks DP725-124 Development Permit
Eagle Pass Heli-Skiing Kelly Tigchelaar BL851-12 Public Input Bylaw
Edmund and Deborah Shimoon BL701-77 Bylaw
Edward (Ted) and Dawn Miles DVP701-80 Development Variance
Edward and Dawn Miles DP725-136 Development Permit
Elizabeth A Shepherd DP725-137 Development Permit
Elsie Nagy DP725-163 Development Permit
Evan and Marilyn Williamson DP725-127 Development Permit
Finz Resort Inc. Craig Russenholt (owner) BL900-21 Bylaw
Finz Resort Inc. DVP900-05 Development Variance
Flanders, Carolyn DP830-176 Development Permit
Fred and Eleanor Clark Titon Docks DP725-107 Development Permit
Fritz, Rosemarie DVP701-76 Development Variance
Fritz, Rosemarie DP725-115 Development Permit
Garry and Mary Landers DVP2000-73 Development Variance
Gary and Dena McGratten DP725-48 Development Permit
Gary Benna DP750-06 Development Permit
George Chapman Copper Island Fine Homes Inc (agent) DP830-217 Development Permit
Gerry O'Riordan and Lawrence McKay DP830-238 Development Permit
Glen and Donna Brown DVP701-70 Development Variance
Glenwood Beach Properties Rollheiser, Steven and Jean EX701-27
6581 Eagle Bay Rd Unit:17
Halcyon Point Development Corp Dale Tortorelli DP850-25 Development Permit
Hansford Land Corporation TU850-08 Temporary Use Permit
Hary-Cro Holdings Ltd DVP701-72 Development Variance
Hary-Cro Holdings Ltd DP725-95 Development Permit
Herald's Bay Developments DP725-133 Development Permit
Home Hardware Stores Ltd. DP830-228 Development Permit
Ian Greene LC2523 ALR Application
Ian Sudbury DP725-55 Development Permit
Jack Keep and Janice Honey DP830-226 Development Permit
Jacobi, Billy DP830-181 Development Permit
Jake and Petra Penner DP725-118 Development Permit
Jameus, Rachel DP830-178 Development Permit
Jamie and Janice McCaffrey TUp850-05 Temporary Use Permit
Jan and Donald Gray Triton Docks (Agent) DP830-201 Development Permit
Jeff and Susan Cliburn DP725-143 Development Permit
Jeff Moss LC2551 ALR Application
Jessica and Rylan Walters BL2560 Bylaw
John and Corrie Stalker DVP641-23 Development Variance
John and Maureen Assman DP830-125 Development Permit
John Kelly EX701-30 Exemption
John P. Kelly DP725-122 Development Permit
John S Warrington Becky L Warrington DP725-120 Development Permit
Jones, Shawn & Kelsey DP830-220 Development Permit
Julie and Ross Paul EX800-07 Exemption
Kai J Pesonen DVP701-74 Development Variance
Karl Bischoff and Neil Bischoff Browne Johnson LC2512 ALR Application
Kelly Forbes TU850-06 Temporary Use Permit
Kelly Speers DP830-186 Development Permit
Kenneth and Gail Deacon-Rogers DP830-223 Development Permit
Kenneth and Vivian Richter DP725-113 Development Permit
Kevin and Suzanne Beckner DP725-89 Development Permit
Kody and Lara Stokes DP830-227 Development Permit
Lakeview Community Centre Society DVP650-39 Development Variance
Lance Reimer LC2547 ALR Application
Larwill Contracting WSP Canada - Jean Horton BL649-01 Bylaw
LeClair Holdings - Bill LeClair EX701-23 Exemption
Lenstra, Hess, Marlene, Shannon, Danene, Shay & Dustan DP830-213
800 Bradley Rd
Development Permit
Leopold Developments DP830-224 Development Permit
Leopold Developments Ltd. TUP830-04 Temporary Use Permit
Linda Franklin Franklin Engineering DVP641-25 Development Variance
Linda Franklin DP725-108 Development Permit
Linda Franklin DVP641-30 Development Variance
Lloyd and Gloria Ulry Norman and Bonnie Gray BL900-22 Bylaw
Long, William and Ina DP830-184 Development Permit
Long, William and Ina DVP825-24 Development Variance
Lowe, Kevin & Karen DP725-76 Development Permit
Magnavista Estates Ltd., Inc. No. BC0472903 DVP800-18
Development Variance
Marshall, Peter and Wendy DP830-191 Development Permit
McKay, Scott DP725-80 Development Permit
MFLRORD - Revelstoke Backcountry Guides BL851-14
Michael and Marisa Giffen DP830-253 Development Permit
Michael Lawrance DP725-117 Development Permit
Mira Grande Developments Colin Morse (Court Appoinrted Receiver) DVP641-28 Development Variance
Mountain Shadows Developments Ltd. Mike Palumbo DVP641-29 Development Variance
Murray (Jack) Blair DP725-74 Development Permit
Neil Bischoff Karl Bischoff LC2535 ALR Application
Newton, Gary and Debra DP830-174 Development Permit
Noah and Katherine Ralston BL2557 Bylaw
Ovington, Edward DP830-214 Development Permit
Owners Strata Plan K38 DP830-207 Development Permit
Park Point Development Rumsey, Barbara DP830-185
6102 Davis Rd Unit:20
Development Permit
Pinegrove RV Park c/o Alastair Murdoch Accouting Group (BL825-38) BL825-38 Bylaw
PK Chahal Holdings BL701-91 Bylaw
Pleau, Nathan DP725-56 Development Permit
Radej, Simon Sienkiewicz, Aneta DP725-72 Development Permit
Randy Ambrus BV701-03 Board of Variance
Randy and Katherine Ambrus BV701-04 Board of Variance
Randy G Battison DP830-233 Development Permit
Ray and Kathleen Ludwig DP725-126 Development Permit
Raymond and Debra Brooks DP725-141 Development Permit
Richard D. Huhn DVP800-29 Development Variance
Richard Hagglund BL725-12 Bylaw
Ricky and Teresa Koenigbauer DP725-153 Development Permit
Riddoch, Donald and Beverly BL2067 Bylaw
Robert and Calla Dunn DP830-195 Development Permit
Robert and Cheryl Gardner 701 02 BV Board of Variance
Robert and Colleen Vandekerkhove DP725-156 Development Permit
Robert and Deborah McGlenen DP830-231 Development Permit
Robert and Particia Hawkes DP830-204
800 Bradley Rd Unit:9A
Development Permit
Rodney and Wendy Westfall DP830-225 Development Permit
Rogers, Hope Rogers, Leslie Smith Geoffrey DP830-215 Development Permit
Ron Lindblad BL701-89 Bylaw
Ronald and Janice Gass DP725-148 Development Permit
Ross and Julie Paul DVP800-24 Development Variance
Ross and Julie Paul DP830-137 Development Permit
Roy Johnston LC2553 ALR Application
Rudy and Margaret Bowolin DVP641-31 Development Variance
Russell and Pamela Howard DP850-33 Development Permit
Schmidt, Allen and Catherine DVP701-63 Public Input Development Variance
Schweb, Jesse and Arleigh DVP2500-15 Development Variance
Scotch Creek Developments DP830-193 Development Permit
Shannon and Geoffrey Abell Derek Donaldson DVP641-19 Development Variance
SHERYL Hermansen DP850-26 Development Permit
Shimoon, Ed and Deb Pederson, Ron DP725-04 Development Permit
Shuswap Lake Estates (Terry Barker) DP725-121 Development Permit
Shuswap Lake Estates DP725-98 Development Permit
Shuswap Lake Estates BL701-87 Public Hearing Bylaw
Shuswap Lake Estates BL725-08 Public Hearing Bylaw
Sorrento Place Holdings Ltd Venier, Aldo DP725-78 Development Permit
Stanley and Myrna Gibbons Browne Johnson DVP641-24 Development Variance
Stanley and Myrna Gibbons DP725-131 Development Permit
Stefan and Mirja Mundt DP725-129 Development Permit
Stephen Butchart Lavern Butchart DP725-104 Development Permit
Stephen Revell Robert A. Lundberg Law Corporation TUP850-07 Temporary Use Permit
Stephen Revell Roberts A. Lundberg Law Corp LC2518 ALR Application
Steve and Karen Probert DP725-112 Development Permit
Steve and Tracy Geleta DP725-111 Development Permit
Steve Berezan Franklin Engineering DP725-100 Development Permit
Steve Berezan DP725-101 Development Permit
Steve Connolly Patricia DeHart DVP641-18 Development Variance
Steve Connolly BL830-17 Bylaw
Steve Connolly BL800-28 Bylaw
Steward, Rodney Dever, Lorraine DVP641-22 Development Variance
Sundher, Millyn & Carol DP830-209 Development Permit
Susan Millard DP830-236 Development Permit
Susan Moore (Applicant - Myles Thorp) LC2515 ALR Application
Suzanne and Shayne Brighton BL850-09 Bylaw
Svenson, Brian & Lola EX701-26 Exemption
Svenson, Brian & Lola DVP701-69 Development Variance
Svenson, Brian & Lola DP725-64 Development Permit
Tara Jackson DP725-140 Development Permit
Tekamar Mortgage Fund Ltd. Kalaram Developments Ltd. LC2522 ALR Application
Terry Layden Nexus Dock and Marina (agent) BL900-19 Public Hearing, Public Hearing Bylaw
The Owner's Strata Plan K46 Okanagan Strata Management BL900-20 Bylaw
Thompson, Timothy and Tracey DP725-26 Development Permit
Tilstra, John and Corinne DP725-92 Development Permit
Tim Thompson Tracy Thompson BL701-85 Bylaw
Viehausen, Hans Koch, Heinrich DP830-221 Development Permit
Vinje, John DVP900-01 Public Input Development Variance
Warriner; Doug, Linda Warriner Cyril Warriner Joan, Warriner Glenn DVP641-21 Development Variance
Wilfried and Evelyn Berning DP830-198 Development Permit
William and Jill Kubica DP830-202 Development Permit
William Hagardt DP830-235 Development Permit
Wood, Dale LC2526 ALR Application
Yakashiro, Amanda (BL825-39) BL825-39 Bylaw
Zimmer, Darryl & Bonnie DP830-219 Development Permit