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An Advisory Planning Commission (APC) is an independent body of local residents which provides input into the planning process. Members of each commission are appointed and participate on a volunteer basis. APCs are advisory in nature and as such, they do not have any direct approval, ownership, or authority over matters that are referred to them. APCs have no decision making responsibility and they do not establish CSRD policy.

In their preparations and deliberations, the members of an APC have a significant responsibility to the community. The matters under their consideration have direct influence on the livability and sustainability of a community; making the quality of their understanding, analysis, insight and recommendations on these items important.

Within their mandate and consistent with the statements above, the functions of the APC include advising the Board, when requested, on matters respecting land use, community planning, or proposed bylaws and permits.

These matters can include the following major applications:

  • All Official Community Plan amendments,
  • Major zoning bylaw amendments,
  • Temporary Use Permit initial applications.

The following minor applications may be referred at the discretion of the Electoral Area Director:

  • Minor zoning bylaw amendments consistent with the Official Community Plan (includes amendments to Land Use Contracts),
  • Development Variance Permits,
  • Development Permits (which are not deemed technical in nature),
  • Temporary Use Permit renewals, and
  • Referrals from the Agricultural Land Commission (exclusion, non-farm use and subdivision applications in the Agricultural Land Reserve).
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