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Property owners wishing to undertake construction in Electoral Areas B, C, E, G and most of Area F will need to apply for and receive a building permit (and, in most cases, a plumbing permit) before commencing construction. 

As of February 1, 2021, all building permit applications are required by the Province of BC to include a completed Provincial Site Disclosure Statement (SDS) completed by the property owner.

Building permits are required for most construction, demolition and excavation, including:

  • construction of a house, townhouse, commercial and industrial building
  • construction of accessory buildings, including most garages and sheds
  • demolition of a building
  • significant alteration to or repair of an existing building (e.g. structural changes, electrical updates, construction of a second floor deck, moving of plumbing)
  • changes to the use or occupancy of an existing building (e.g. from a garage to a dwelling, or from a residence to a commercial use)
  • relocation of a building
  • alterations that affect a venting or sewer system
  • installation of a factory-built or manufactured building
  • installation of a temporary building

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