Homeowner's Guide

Are You Septic Smart?

The CSRD has created a homeowner guide for anyone who has a septic system. Inside you will find great tips on how to save money through proper septic maintenance and how to protect your home and the environment from septic contamination.

You can download the entire CSRD's Septic System Homeowner's Guide entitled "Are You Septic Smart?" or simply download the individual sections that you are wanting to know more about. If you would like a hard copy of the guide, please contact the CSRD.


Are You Septic Smart? Guide

Homeowners's Guide  
Are You Septic Smart? Complete Guide Download
Individual Sections  
What is a Septic System? Download
Types of Septic Systems Download
How Does Your Septic System Work? Download
What the Law Requires of You Download
Septic Systems and Your Health Download
Maintaining Your Septic System Download
Troubleshooting Tips Download
Protecting Your Drainfield Download
Difficult Sites / Alternative Technologies Download
Seasonal Occupancy Download
Source Control Download
Water Conservation Download
Do’s and Don’ts Download