Cell Tower Proposals

While reliable and sophisticated telecommunication facilities are a benefit to the citizens of the CSRD, there is a need to address environmental, aesthetic, health and any other concerns of those who own property and/or live in close proximity to these facilities, commonly known as cell towers.

The CSRD has established Policy P-22 which lays out a process in which the CSRD facilitates, coordinates and influences the siting and appearance of new or replacement telecommunication facilities when such facilities are required on private and Crown lands within CSRD boundaries.

One of the purposes of this policy is to ensure that adequate public consultation is conducted by telecommunications proponents with all property owners affected by proposed structures and facilities. As such, the CSRD is providing information about these applications on its website so the public can view the proposal and make comments to the appropriate agency.


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Vacant Lot to the north/northeast of 2820 Balmoral Road, Blind Bay TELUS is proposing to construct a 48.0-meter tall self-support tower on a vacant privately-owned lot. All the equipment necessary to operate the proposed tower facility will reside within a compound located at the base of the tower. The subject property is 10.0 acres in size and is currently zoned RR1-Rural Residential.
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Brian Gregg, 
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February 11, 2022 Active