Illegal Dumping

To report an illegal dumpsite, contact the CSRD office, and report the site to the Report a Poacher and Polluter (RAPP) line by phone or use the online form:

We all share the responsibility to dispose of our wastes legally and with respect for our neighbours. Unfortunately, some of us don't. From throwing out a hamburger wrapper on the highway to dumping large amounts of waste in the bush, illegal dumping is wrong and should be stopped.

The following is a list of different types of illegal dumping:

  • Littering
  • Throwing out waste on the ground or out a vehicle window
  • Improper Disposal
  • Leaving waste in or near the wrong receptacle. ie: using the dumpster from a business

Illegal Dumpsites

Any type of garbage being dumped at a site that is not a sanitary landfill. Often these sites occur on vacant lots or deserted parts of the backcountry. Illegal dumpsites are often created and used by individuals dumping their household garbage or even by businesses dumping loads of construction debris or junk. Apart from destroying the natural beauty of our region, illegal dumping also threatens the health of humans, wildlife and the environment.

Why worry about illegal dumping?

Illegal dumpsites pose the following health, safety, environmental and economic threats:

  • Health and safety issues
  • Injury to children playing in or around dumpsites
  • Injury to individuals in or around dumpsites
  • Disease carried by animals and insects attracted by dumpsites
  • Negative impact on the natural environment
  • Contamination of streams, rivers and lakes
  • Contamination of soil and groundwater
  • Contamination of drinking water wells
  • Damage to plant and wildlife habitats
  • Increased risk of fire
  • Potential of discarded glass igniting fires
  • Increased fuel for fires
  • Illegal dump fires are difficult to extinguish
  • Illegal dump fires can release harmful fumes into the atmosphere
  • Decline in property values as a result of illegal dumping
  • Loss in economic benefits attained through tourism

The CSRD has established an illegal dumping bylaw which requires all waste and recycling be deposited in an authorized facility only.  Individuals caught illegally dumping may be fined under the Illegal Dumping and Ticket Utilization Bylaw.


Title Number Electoral Area
Illegal Dumping Regulation Bylaw No. 5615 5615
All Areas