Municipal Food Waste Implementation Strategy

One of the key findings in the 2014 review was the strong support for food waste diversion programs.  As a result, CSRD staff have hired consultants with considerable experience in food waste diversion programs to provide assistance in the development of a five year strategic plan, which will help guide how a region wide food waste diversion program can be implemented.  The proposed strategic plan has been adopted by the CSRD Board at the November 2015 Board Meeting.

There are several items the CSRD is considering in the five year strategic plan:

  • A bylaw which would prohibit commercial food waste from being disposed of at CSRD landfills
  • The implementation of a weekly residential curbside collection program for food waste
  • The development of organics processing facilities
  • Other organics diversion targets and measures.
Further Information on the Program  
5 Year Strategic Plan Link