Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 725

Bylaw Number: 725

The CSRD adopted Electoral Area C (South Shuswap) Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 725 at the March 20, 2014 Board Meeting.  

The Official Community Plan (OCP) updates and replaces the Electoral Area 'C' South Shuswap Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 700 which had included only some communities within Electoral Area 'C'; the new OCP now covers the entire South Shuswap including the communities of Tappen, Carlin, Skimikin, White Lake, and Sunnybrae.

Development Permits

With adoption of Bylaw No. 725, Development Permits are introduced to Electoral Area C.   DPs are established in the OCP as a tool to help protect the environment, avoid development in hazardous areas, and set guidelines for the form and character of commercial and industrial development.  It is important to note that the requirement for DPs came into effect concurrently with the adoption of the new bylaw; so if residents of the South Shuswap are currently working on projects that trigger a Development Permit, residents are urged to contact CSRD staff to obtain their permit.  

Development Permits  
Hazardous Lands Development Permit (Steep Slope) Area Download
Foreshore and Water Development Permit Area Download
Lakes 100m Development Permit Area Download
Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Development Permit Area Download
Village Centre and Secondary Settlement Area Form and Character Development Permit Area Download
Industrial (ID) Development Permit Area Download
Commercial Development Permit Area Download
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The Local Government Act provides the Regional District with the authority to establish a development permitting system. It also makes provision for local governments to require applicants for development approvals to undertake impact studies.

Development Permits are one of the most effective legal tools for the protection of environmentally sensitive areas, avoiding development in hazardous conditions, and setting out expectations regarding “form and character” of development. Local governments may designate Development Permit Areas (DPAs) in an OCP. When an area is designated, the local government must describe the special site conditions or objectives that justify the designation, and specify guidelines to achieve those objectives.

Where land is subject to more than one Development Permit Area designation, a single Development Permit is required. The application will be subject to the requirements of all applicable Development Permit Areas, and any Development Permit issued will be in accordance with the guidelines of all such areas.

Variances, as well as conditions respecting the sequence and timing of construction, may also be considered for inclusion within a Development Permit in accordance with applicable guidelines as per the authority granted under s.920() and s.920(3) of the Local Government Act.


Overview Maps

Schedule C - Land Use Designations Mapsheets Download
Schedule B - Land Use Designations Mapsheets Download

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