Accepted Categories and Materials for Depot Recycling Program

1. Paper and Cardboard
Not Accepted
Newspapers, inserts and flyers No plastic bags used to cover papers/flyers, no rubber bands
Telephone Books No hardcover or paperback books
Paper gift wrap and greeting cards No foil or non-paper gift wrap, no ribbons/bows, no musical cards with batteries, no tissue paper
Writing/home office paper and correspondence and envelopes No padded envelopes (plastic windows are OK)
Shredded paper Place in a paper bag or box 
Corrugated cardboard No boxes with a wax coating
Cardboard/boxboard No paper towel or tissue paper
Moulded boxboard packaging (i.e.. egg cartons)  
Paper bags (also called Kraft bags) No foil lined bags (i.e.. cookie bags)
Multi layer paper bags (i.e.. bags for flour or sugar) No bags with a foil layer
2. Containers-Metal, Plastic, and Paper Containing Liquid

Not Accepted

Paper cups No straws, no paper insulating wraps or "sleeves" (remove and place in paper recycling)
Gable top cartons (for milk, molasses, etc) No juice cartons (take to Return-It Depot for refund), remove caps and place in bag separately.  Rinse cartons before recycling
Aseptic boxes or cartons (for milk type beverages, soup, broth, etc.) No juice cartons (take to Return-It Depot for refund), no straws, no stand up pouches
Frozen dessert boxes (for ice cream, etc.)  
Steel cans and lids No paint cans, no coat hangers, no pots, pans or baking trays, no propane, no metal toys, no wiring, no metal cords, no appliances, no extension cords
Aerosol cans and caps No spray paint cans, no full containers, remove caps and place loose in recycling bag
Microwavable bowls, cups and lids No bowls with metal rims (remove lids and place loose in recycling bag)
Spiral wound paper cans and lids (for frozen juice, potato chips, coffee, nuts etc.) Remove lids and place loose in recycling bag
Aluminum cans and lids (cat food, etc.) No deposit cans (take to Return-It Depot for refund)
Plastic jugs with screw tops and caps (for milk, laundry detergent, cleaning products, etc.) Rinse containers, remove caps and place loose in recycling bag
Plastic bottles and caps (for food, dish soap, vitamins, etc.) No stand up pouches, no oil containers, antifreeze containers, or vehicle lubricant containers
Plastic jars and lids (peanut butter, nuts, etc.) Rinse, remove lids and place loose in recycling bag
Plastic clamshells (for baking, fruit, etc.) No biodegradable or compostable items
Plastic trays and tops (for deli chicken, single serving meals, etc.) No liquid absorbing pads, no plastic wrap for meat, poultry, fish or cheese, no blister packs for gum, etc.
 Plastic tubs and lids (butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, single use coffee and tea pods, etc.) No biodegradable or compostable packaging, no plastic or foil lids from coffee and tea pods
Plastic garden pots and trays No ceramic, no lawn edging or tarps, no garden hoses, no string or rope
Plastic pails No paint cans, no pails larger than 25L, no containers for motor oil or vehicle lubricant
3. Glass
Not Accepted
Non-deposit glass bottles and jars No drinking glasses, cook wear, window glass, or mirrors, no ceramic products, no deposit glass bottles (take to Return-It depot for refund)
4. Plastic Bags and Plastic Overwrap
Not Accepted
Plastic bags and plastic overwrap for groceries, dry cleaning, bags over newspapers and flyers, salad bags, frozen vegetable bags, outer bags for products such as diapers, outer wrap for soft drink cans, wood pellet and garden product bags, overwrap on mattresses, bread bags etc. No crinkly cellophane wrap for tea, floral arrangements etc., no stretch wrap for meat, cheese, fish or poultry, no chip or snack bags, no biodegradable or compostable bags, no wrap for bacon, deli meats, cheese slices, etc., no bubble wrap, no lumber or construction wrap, no garbage bags or recycling bags, no Ziploc (or similar brand) type bags.
5 & 6. Colored and White Styrofoam
Not Accepted
Styrofoam containers and trays for meat, eggs, take out food, etc. No liquid absorbing pads, separate colored from white at the depot (foam packaging with writing on it is considered COLORED)
Styrofoam cushion packaging to protect electronics, small appliances, etc. No labels, tape, paper or cardboard on Styrofoam, no Styrofoam peanuts, packing chips or noodles, no blue or pink foam board insulation
7. Flexible Plastic Packaging
Not Accepted
Chip and snack bags, wrap for bacon, deli meats, cheese slices, etc., bubble wrap, zipper lock bags, stand-up pouches, crinkly wrappers for potato chips, dried pasta, coffee, and cereal, net and woven bags for rice, oranges and avocados, etc.  Plastic squeeze tubes, crinkly cellophane wrap for tea, floral arrangements etc., plastic that is lined with paper, paper that is lined with plastic, plastic strapping, 6-pack rings, biodegradable or compostable plastics, PVC/Vinyl.