Expect high-water conditions to continue into July

Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Shuswap Emergency Program continues to monitor Shuswap Lake levels very closely as the water level continues to rise. Projections are for the lake to approach, and possibly exceed, flood levels seen in 2018.

In addition, residents should also be prepared that high-water conditions may continue for much longer than usual. This may be well into July.

Predicted rainfall, forecasted high temperatures and variable rates of snow melt are also making it additionally difficult to predict where and when the lake will peak.

At this time, projections are showing peak lake levels may be reached as early as this weekend, but this may stretch into next week. Current BC River Forecast Centre modelling is being used as the best estimates we have to guide local flood responses.

Sand and sandbags are still available for residents. If supplies are low, please call 250-833-3352 so they can be replenished as quickly as possible.