New bylaw helps make subdivision process easier

Monday, March 14, 2022

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District’s (CSRD) new Subdivision Servicing Bylaw came into effect March 1, 2022, following the adoption of the bylaw by the Board of Directors. 

Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 680 will provide greater clarity and increase the efficiency of the subdivision process for citizens of all six of the CSRD’s Electoral Areas. Subdivision is the process of legally changing property boundaries, which can include dividing land into smaller lots, changing existing property lines or combining two or more lots into one larger lot.

At the same time, the bylaw has been designed to ensure all new land parcels created through subdivision are safe and sustainable in terms of the ability to provide potable drinking water, safe sewage disposal, proper driveway access and safe building areas.   

“Just what I like to see – a bylaw that is less restrictive and easier to work with,” commented Board Chair Kevin Flynn at February's Regular Board Meeting.

Electoral Area F Director Jay Simpson echoed Flynn’s comments.

“I’m pleased to see us reducing restrictions and I’d like to see us keep moving in that direction,” Simpson said.

The Board adopted the bylaw after a public consultation process that involved a public survey, which also directed questions at professionals working in the subdivision industry. The survey’s review of the proposed bylaw requirements showed there was strong support for the new bylaw provisions.

A copy of the new bylaw and more information on the subdivision process is available on the CSRD website.  

Photo: A view of homes along Shuswap Lake in the Blind Bay area. (CSRD photo)

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