Water shutdown scheduled along Sunnybrae-Canoe Point Road

Thursday, March 3, 2022

Due to construction work on the Sunnybrae Views subdivision, there will be a temporary shutdown of the water system on Monday, March 7 from approximately 8  AM to 3 PM in a small area along Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road. 

The map below details the properties which will be affected by the shut down:


 Residents are advised to store enough water to exceed their needs during that time period. This is in case the water service interruption is longer than noted.

  • For drinking water, a good rule of thumb is to have approximately four litres of drinking water per person, per day. A good place to store water for the day is in the bathtub.
  • Once the water is off, a toilet will have one more flush because of the stored water in the toilet tank. After that, use buckets of stored water to flush toilets. A toilet will flush when a bucket of water (equivalent to approximately four litres of water) is dumped into the bowl.
  • Please do not use appliances that require water, including washing machines and dishwashers, during the shut-down hours.
  • Residents should also ensure that hot water tanks do not drain, as this could cause damage to the heating element.

Once service is restored, residents may notice discoloration from sediment in the water system. Discolored water comes from sediment getting stirred up when the water is turned on after an outage.This discoloration is not harmful, as the water has been disinfected. Air may also be present in piping. Running a garden hose or cold water bathtub faucet for several minutes should eliminate both air and discoloration.

The CSRD appreciates your patience and cooperation during this temporary disruption to water service.