UPDATE - Fire Situation - August 14 - 13:00 Hours

Saturday, August 14, 2021

12:30 Hours

The anticipated change in the weather patterns predicted for this afternoon and tomorrow is concerning for the possibility of increasing fire activity in all Shuswap-area fires.

There have been no changes to Evacuation Orders or Alerts to all fires in the CSRD area at this time.

White Rock Lake Fire 

  • Smoke is limiting the ability for aircraft to fight the fire.
  • Planned ignitions were used yesterday and overnight to enhance establish control lines.
  • Additional containment measures were put in place to help prevent the area of the fire from growing towards Pinaus Lake.
  • Winds in the area of the fire are predicted to gust up to 30 to 35 km/h from the southwest, which will fuel fire growth and create challenging conditions for fighting the fire.

Two Mile Fire 

  • Heavy smoke is moderating temperatures which is helping to reduce fire behaviour, however this is also limiting the use of aircraft, as pilots must be able to see to fly.
  • In the south-west area of the fire, additional sprinkler lines were put in to assist with hand-ignition efforts yesterday creating more secure guards.
  • On the north side of the fire crews are creating guards and working inwards from the perimeter.

Hunakwa Lake Fire 

  • Crews are continuing to establish guards.
  • Thermal imaging was used and hot spots in the guard areas are being targeted with suppression efforts.
  • Smoke also moderated the effects of the Momich Lake fire, however, this is expected to change with the smoke lifting this afternoon. If visibility permits, helicopters will be bucketing on this (Momich) wildfire.

Crazy Creek Gorge FSR Fire

  • Crews are continuing to build guard on the 2420 road to secure the area. Specific areas include at the 6-KM mark and the 17-KM mark to limit the fire growth in that direction.
  • Additional hand ignitions are planned to remove unburned fuels in the vicinity of Pete Martin Bay.
  • The Incident commander is pleased with the progress being made on this fire.

Three Valley Lake Fire

  • The fire is holding with no fire growth reported in the past 24-hour operational period.