UPDATE - Fire Situation - August 13 - 15:00 Hours

Friday, August 13, 2021

15:00 Hours

Please note: this update is specifically directed at the areas of the fire affecting the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD). For the best information specific to your area, please check the websites and social media feeds for that local government.

Momich Lake Fire

  • Due to fire growth on August 11, community members in Seymour Arm are expressing worry about that fire also posing a second threat to their community.
  • Currently, mapping on the fire shows the closest edge of the fire perimeter to the edge of Seymour Arm at approximately 15 kilometres away.
  • The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) Information Officer notes that fire behaviour yesterday and this morning has been lower. This is due, in part to high smoke levels in the area moderating the temperature.
  • Unfortunately, heavy smoke is impeding the ability of aircraft to work on this fire.
  • Based on fire behavior from yesterday and what is expected to continue today, BC Wildfire believes there is little risk to the community of Seymour Arm from the Momich Lake Fire at this time.

Hunakwa Lake Fire

  • Similar to the Momich Lake Fire, heavy smoke in the area will help reduce temperatures and reduce fire behavior today.
  • There was most active fire in the south in the vicinity of Hunakwa Lake.  
  • Work also continues on the southwest corner of the fire where machine and hand-dug/cut guards are being constructed.

White Rock Lake Fire

  • Increased fire behaviour is expected across most of the fire. However, the majority of the fire activity is in the Southeast flank of the fire (Naswhito Creek) and would not impact the Falkland area.
  • As the winds are forecast to switch to east/northeast today, fire behaviour will most likely increase along the entire eastern and northeastern flank, which could impact the Falkland-area. Residents are reminded that they continue to be on Evacuation Alert and need to be ready to leave on short notice.
  • The weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday will most likely increase fire activity.  Strong wind gusts are expected. Heavy equipment and crews are being moved to priority areas on the fire that are expected to be the most challenging along the north, northeast, and east flanks.

Two Mile Fire

  • The morning update from BCWS states there is no further growth to the northeast portion of the fire yesterday. 
  • Amphibious airtankers worked for approximately four hours to hold the southwest flank of the fire yesterday.  Many locals reported seeing the aircraft flying over Sicamous throughout the day.
  • Forecasted hot weather and gusty winds are expected to continue to cause active fire behaviour.

Crazy Creek Gorge Fire

  • Fire behaviour has been reported as lower in the past 24 hours compared to the day before.
  • The fire is being observed at rank 1 and 2 behaviour, which is on the lower end of the ranking scale. These types of fires are defined as smoldering ground fires with some visible open flame.  
  • Structural protection remains in place for the residences in Queest and Pete Martin Bay.