Three Valley Lake Fire Update

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Three Valley Lake Fire Update - The Evacuation Order issued by the CSRD through the SEP for properties in Electoral Area E due to a wildfire burning near Three Valley Lake is hereby rescinded effective Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 1430 Hours.

All properties in the rescind area reverts to Evacuation Alert status and residents must remain ready to leave their homes again on short notice.

The areas now downgraded to Evacuation Alert status are as follows:

• The property located at 8271 Trans-Canada Highway

The following addresses also remain on Evacuation Alert:

• North of Trans-Canada Highway and Three Valley Lake including the Three Valley Lake Chateau &

Ghost Town (8903 Trans-Canada Highway)

• 8234 and 8240 Trans-Canada Highway, Three Valley.


• Pay attention to any directions given by local authorities

• Pack some supplies, like bottled water, flashlight, garbage bags, closed toed-shoes, a first-aid kit,


• Walk the perimeter. Take note of any out-of-place wiring, gas smells or loose debris. If you notice

downed power lines or a gas small contact BC Hydro or Fortis before entering your house.

• Enter your house carefully and check the main power breaker

• When in doubt, throw it out. Food and drinks may need to be tossed when you return home,

especially due to the frequent power outages in the area.

• Photograph any damage. This can help with home insurance claims.

• Contact your insurance broker regarding damage or additional expenses that may be covered.