UPDATE - Fire Situation - August 1 - 19:20 Hours

Sunday, August 1, 2021

19:20 Hours

All current Evacuation ORDERS and ALERTS remain unchanged.

White Rock Lake Fire 

  • Aggressive fire growth has been observed by the BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) along the south flank where much of the fire perimeter crossed over the Salmon River Forest Service Road. There has been significant growth in the size of the fire, which is estimated at 32,000 hectares.
  • Dependent on precipitation amounts, there may be a slight reprieve in fire behaviour over the next 48-hours.
  • Public and first responder safety remains top priority. To protect the safety of the public and first responders, the BC wildfire Service will continue to evaluate the need for further evacuation order and alert recommendations.
  • Resources on the fire include 99 firefighters, 39 pieces of heavy equipment, seven dangerous tree assessors/fallers, 10 helicopters and an incident management team. Structure protection efforts are being conducted by 41 firefighters from 12 different fire departments.

Two Mile Fire 

  • This fire remains challenging in terrain and fuel types. Calm winds have helped crews continue to work on fire guards. Success was being made in directing the fire away from Sicamous, however, variable winds may become a factor if they change the direction of the fire.
  • The firefighting effort includes 58 firefighters, three helicopters and 10 pieces of heavy equipment.
  • Aircraft efforts have been stopped for four days due to dense smoke blocking visibility.

Crazy Creek Gorge FSR Fire 

  • BCWS are mobilizing and deploying equipment to the area.
  • The fire remains classified as out of control and is demonstrating Rank 4 and Rank 5 Fire behaviour, which is described as a highly vigorous surface fire, with active flame in the crown of trees.
  • Weather conditions are more favourable, with cooler air and higher humidity helping to slow fire growth.

Hunakwa Lake Fire

  • Fire size is estimated at 2,700 hectares, however, BCWS has not been able to map in over a week due to heavy smoke reducing visibility.
  • There are 14 firefighters and two helicopters assigned to this fire by BCWS.
  • Structure Protection Specialists assessed the east shore properties and cabins, and SPU crews remain in Seymour Arm.
  • The primary objective for crews is containing the south flank, east of Hunakwa, to stop the spread to Shuswap Lake.