UPDATE: Fire Situation - July 29 - 17:15 Hours

Thursday, July 29, 2021

 Evening update - 17:15 Hours

White Rock Lake

  • The fire behaviour continues to be aggressive, with activity on all fronts of the fire.
  • The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) is having difficulty getting accurate mapping on the fire because aircraft have been grounded due to smoke blocking visibility.
  • Work continues on fire guards in many areas of the fire including the guard along the Salmon River Forest Service Road.
  • Structural Protection Units are set up targeting the Falkland and Westwold areas, and to provide protection for the Highway 97 Connector.
  • Weather forecasts are concerning due to the potential for wind and lightning.

Two Mile Fire

  • The fire is now estimated at 1,200 hectares, however, BC Wildfire is noting that this is a very rough estimate, as aircraft has been unable to fly the perimeter.
  • Crews are working to expand the fire guards, with 35 firefighters working on the fire.
  • A previously constructed guard that held overnight and crews hope to enhance that guard today.
  • The Structure Protection Unit has strategically placed sprinklers in the area and those sprinkler lines were also not breeched overnight.


  • New estimate of fire size is 2,700 hectares.
  • There is no change to the current Evacuation Order and Alert. The Evacuation Alert and Order status is being evaluated regularly.
  • BCWS is working with Federate Co-op and Louisiana Pacific on widening roads as fire guards.
  • Fire spreading south, mostly in the direction away from the community of Seymour Arm, but activity is increasing to the east as well. Overnight, the fire did not make a real advance towards the southern guards.
  • BCWS is paying close attention to the progress of the fire and are looking for opportunities to get aircraft back in action.

Three Valley Lake

  • The fire has become more prevalent with some spot fire activity.
  • Louisiana Pacific and CP Rail continue to assist with fire protection efforts.
  • The Evacuation Order and Alert remains in place.
  • Officials believe increased visibility may allow then to get a more accurate picture of the fire with information to be provided tomorrow, if available.