UPDATE: Fire Situation Wrap Up - 19:15 Hours

Friday, July 23, 2021

Here’s a quick wrap on what we know Friday evening on the three main fires in the Shuswap.

Two Mile Fire 

  • Evacuation Alerts and Orders remain the same. Please respect the difference between an order and an alert. An order means you must leave the area and cannot return. An alert means be prepared to leave on short notice.
  • Fire size is 1,000 hectares. The fire is still growing primarily away from Sicamous and Swansea Point. Wind speed or changes remain a concern.
  • Air tankers are now operating as well as helicopters. Firefighters, heavy machinery and Structural Protection Units continue to be activated.

Hunakwa Lake Fire

  • Evacuation Alerts and Orders remain the same.
  • Conditions for fighting the fire were more favourable today and progress was made on fire guards and other protective measures.
  • The fire has grown in size, but we do not have any updated, accurate mapping at this time.

Three Valley Lake Fire

  • Evacuation Alerts and Orders remain the same.
  • Not a lot of growth observed. Structural Protection remains in place.

Next update will take place tomorrow, unless the situation changes significantly. We will continue to try and provide updates as soon as possible.