UPDATE - Seymour Arm Evacuation Alert - July 18

Sunday, July 18, 2021

18:00 Hours

The size and behaviour of the Hunakwa Lake Fire remains largely unchanged since the last report, issued yesterday evening, July 17.

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) continues to estimate the fire size at 1,100 hectares with a mix of Rank 2 and 3 fire behaviour. This means the fire is mostly burning on the ground, with some fire candling, which is where a tree ignites and fire flares from bottom to top.

BCWS is reporting slow growth of the blaze with the fire primarily growing up the slope of the ridge away from the community.

The community of Seymour Arm remains on Evacuation Alert. This will continue until further notice. Residents and any remaining visitors need to be prepared for evacuation on short notice.

BCWS continues to work with other agencies and private industry on plans to widen existing roads and natural fire-break areas to create a fire guard. Heavy machinery is being moved into the area to create this fire break designed to help protect the community of Seymour Arm.

Backed by the BC Wildfire Service, the CSRD has three fire crews in Seymour Arm to assist with fire protection. A Structural Protection Unit was deployed Saturday. This includes five structural firefighters, two vehicles and a trailer equipped with water sprinkling systems.

All Seymour Arm residents are reminded to keep all their emergency preparations in place and continue to monitor the CSRD website, www.csrd.bc.ca, the Shuswap Emergency Program’s (SEP) webpage at www.shuswapemergency.ca, the Shuswap Emergency on Facebook and Twitter, the CSRD's Facebook, Twitter platforms or local news sources for up-to-date and accurate information.

Photo: An aerial view of a burnt and smoldering area of the Hunakwa Lake Fire. (Shuswap Emergency Program photo)

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