UPDATE - Seymour Arm Evacuation Alert - July 17

Saturday, July 17, 2021

19:45 Hours

There has been no significant growth in the size of the Hunakwa Lake Fire since the July 16, 2021 report, which pegged fire size at 1,100 hectares. There has, however, been some increase in fire behaviour.

In an aerial survey conducted today, some fire candling was observed in areas of the fire. Candling is where a tree or small clump of trees ignites and flares up from bottom to top, and this can easily ignite adjacent vegetation.

As a result, the precautionary Evacuation Alert remains in effect for the community of Seymour Arm until further notice.

The increased fire behaviour, however, was primarily observed on a ridge moving away from the community.  

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) is monitoring the fire through satellite imagery and is continuing to conduct daily fly-overs of the fire to gauge fire growth and behaviour. They are updating the Shuswap Emergency Program regularly.

BCWS continues with plans to use machinery to widen existing roads and trails to build a fire guard for the community. As well, water sprinklers are being strategically deployed to protect structures which are closest to the fire. A CSRD Structural Protection Unit arrived in Seymour Arm this morning and will be assisting with these efforts.  

Seymour Arm residents should still be prepared to leave the community on short notice, if fire behaviour shifts. This includes packing at least one week’s worth of clothing and toiletries as part of preparations and keeping all vehicles filled with gas.

All Seymour Arm residents are reminded to self-register with Emergency Support Services online through this link: https://ess.gov.bc.ca/  

As accommodations in the Shuswap are limited at this time, arrangements should be made to stay with family and friends, if possible.

Photo: Aerial images of the Hunakwa Lake fire which prompted an Evacuation Alert in Seymour Arm. (Shuswap Emergency Program photos)

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