Water conservation urged as reservoir levels drop

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The CSRD is asking users of its water systems to conserve water and follow sprinkling restrictions so there is enough water available to fight any potential fires.

Current water use in all CSRD systems is taxing the pumping systems and lowering water reservoirs to critical levels in some cases.

All CSRD water systems are affected, with the greatest strain currently on the MacArthur Heights and Falkland water systems. It is essential to be able to maintain water levels in these reservoirs to ensure there is water available if a fire breaks out.

The CSRD is asking all residents to abide by sprinkling restrictions which are in effect from May 15 to September 15 each year.

Watering should only take place between 6 AM to 10 AM and 6 PM to 10 PM, with automatic sprinklers programmed to run between 12 AM and 6 AM.

Sprinkling should only take place on alternating days with:

  • EVEN numbered houses on EVEN dates
  • ODD numbered houses on ODD dates.

Failure to comply with the sprinkling restrictions could result in the CSRD issuing a $50 fine for each occurrence of non-compliance. The consequences could be far greater if there is a house fire or wildfire in your area and there is not enough water to deal with it effectively.

Residents are also asked to be mindful of their general water use and conserve as much as possible.

More information on water conservation and sprinkling restrictions is available here.

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