WildSafeBC arrives in Electoral Areas C & E

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

WildSafeBC is the provincial leader in preventing conflict with wildlife through collaboration, education and community solutions and is delivered by the BC Conservation Foundation in communities across BC. 

Julia Helland, as the WildSafeBC Coordinator for the Columbia Shuswap Regional District Areas C & E, will be working in the communities of Sorrento, Blind Bay, Sunnybrae, Tappen, White Lake, Eagle Bay, Sicamous, Malakwa, and surrounding areas to reduce human - wildlife conflict for the upcoming season.

From now until November 30, Helland will be involved in a number of initiatives including education programs, training sessions and outreach at various events. You will see her at events around the areas as she spreads the word about how to safely keep wildlife wild and communities safe.

Helland can be found providing information in the community at the Sicamous Farmers Market on June 25, July 16, August 13,
and September 10.

Stay tuned for more details on other community events.

For further information on reducing human-wildlife conflict visit https://wildsafebc.com, follow WildSafeBC Columbia Shuswap on Facebook, or contact your local Community Coordinator, Julia Helland, at columbiashuswap@wildsafebc.com or 403-559-6628.

Please report wildlife conflicts to the Conservation Officer Service 24/7 at 1-877-952-7277.

Residents can also report sightings of bear, cougar, coyote or wolf in an urban area. These reports are uploaded daily to WildSafeBC’s Wildlife Alert Reporting Program (WARP), available at https://warp.wildsafebc.com/. This program allows the public to see what wildlife has been reported in their neighbourhood and be alerted of new sightings.

WildSafeBC Columbia Shuswap is grateful for the generous support the program receives from its funding partners including the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, the British Columbia Conservation Foundation
and the Province of British Columbia.

Photo: Julia Helland will be conducting WildSafeBC efforts in Electoral Areas C & E.

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