Revelstoke Landfill workers reunite cat with owner

Monday, November 30, 2020

It may be gloomy November, but two Revelstoke Landfill workers brought sunshine back into the life of a fellow Revelstoke resident. 

Earlier this month, Dylan Ross was moving from Trout Lake to Revelstoke and had a load for the landfill. It was late in the day, around 3:30 PM, and Ross was traveling with his "best buddy," his orange tabby cat, Sunny. As usual when travelling, Sunny was curled up under the seat having a snooze. 

Ross went ahead and unloaded his waste, forgetting that he had left his vehicle door open. He finished up and left the landfill, which closes at 4 PM. 

When he got home, Ross looked for Sunny in his spot, only to find it empty. 

"I was so upset," he said. "I drove back as fast as I could, but the landfill was closed. I walked the perimeter fence calling, but I couldn't find him."

Meanwhile, Sam Turkington, the CSRD's Scalehouse Contractor, was winding up for the day, when she heard some meowing from under her feet. Looking under the scalehouse, she spotted Sunny. An animal lover and multiple cat owner herself, Turkington didn't want to leave the cat behind, but was worried about how she might catch it. 

"I didn't have to be worried," she said with a laugh. " I just left the door open and in a few minutes, he just wandered right in. He was a super-friendly cat."

Turkington gave Sunny to her co-worker, Aaron Irmen to care for that evening, and decided to do some detective work. She made few calls and got on social media. By the next morning, she had found a post that Ross had made through a friend's Facebook account. Soon Ross and Sunny were reunited. 

"I can't thank them enough," said Ross. "I know sometimes people can be really rude and treat the people at the landfill badly. I want people to know that these guys at the Revelstoke Landfill are amazing. They really went out of their way. They deserve a shout-out."

Photo: Sunny the cat relaxes after his adventure at the Revelstoke Landfill. (Dylan Ross photo)