Video: Get your free Firesmart assessment now

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The CSRD is still offering free property assessments to help homeowners determine their level of wildfire risk and offer advice on how to reduce that risk.

With winter approaching, wildfire threat might seem far off. But now's a great time to get an assessment now of your residence or vacant property, so you have a plan for tackling some improvements bit-by-bit. Residents can also qualify for a rebate of up to $500 for their efforts in putting the FireSmart principles into practice. 

These private assessments are designed to help the homeowner understand how to be more FireSmart, including how to reduce the risk of wildfire on the property and around the home. The assessment is for the use of the homeowner only, to educate and offer suggestions that could end up saving your home in the event of a wildfire. 

The CSRD has more information on our website and an online form to sign up for a free property assessment here or call 1.888.248.2773.