Shuswap Lake algal bloom declared over

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Shuswap Watershed Council (SWC) has confirmed that the algal bloom that affected Shuswap Lake at Salmon Arm Bay, Tappen Bay, Canoe, and Herald this summer has ended.

“Monitoring the algal bloom was ongoing up until the end of September,” said Erin Vieira, the SWC’s program manager.

“There were a few different organizations involved in monitoring the bloom, all of whom are partners in the SWC,” Vieira explained.

The City of Salmon Arm visually monitored the bloom at Canoe on a daily basis, Interior Health Authority and First Nations Health Authority tested water samples for the presence of microcystin toxin which can sometimes be associated with a blue-green algal bloom, and the Columbia Shuswap Regional District and BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy collected and analyzed water samples for phytoplankton taxonomy (various species of algae) and density.

All monitoring results indicate the algal bloom has finally ended.

Given the algal bloom this summer as well as other impacts to the watershed including invasive species, the SWC is offering virtual presentations to community organizations this fall to facilitate information sharing and robust community conversations. It welcomes the opportunity to meet and have discussions on water quality and related issues. To sign up for a virtual presentation, please contact the SWC c/o Fraser Basin Council by emailing Erin Vieira at

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