Flooding risk eases for Salmon River

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Intense rainstorms predicted for the Salmon Valley did not deliver as much rain as expected over the weekend, greatly reducing concerns about severe flooding of the Salmon River. 

Lower-than-forecasted temperatures also contributed to reducing snow melt at higher elevations in the Shuswap, which helped moderate water flows in creeks and streams. 

Weather forecasts for the coming week are also showing cooler, drier weather, which will continue to assist with reducing flood risks. 

That being said, the Shuswap Emergency Program is closely monitoring water levels on Shuswap Lake and Mara Lake, which may still present some flooding challenges. Sandbagging work will continue this week for flood-prone areas near these lakes and to protect public infrastructure in the City of Salmon Arm and the District of Sicamous. 

The Shuswap Emergency Program is available to offer advice and supports for residents with concerns about flooding. Please call 250.833.3351 if you need assistance.

Photo: Water runs across Dear Road near Falkland, but reduced rainfall amounts from a predicted storm helped to prevent flooding from becoming a more serious concern. (CSRD photo)

Graph below: This information from the BC Rivers Forecast Centre shows an increasing downward trend in flows on the Salmon River, which means the chances of further flooding are increasingly unlikely.