Enforcement effort nets 53 non-compliant buoys

Monday, November 4, 2019

Another 53 non-compliant buoys were removed from Shuswap and Mara Lakes by Transport Canada following an enforcement effort during the week of October 21 to 25, 2019. 

The proliferation of buoys on Shuswap and Mara Lakes has been a continual source of public complaints to both the CSRD and Transport Canada.

Buoys can be removed if they are not following the regulations regarding the correct size, colour and identification. This can be hazardous for boaters and other users of the lake.

The majority of the buoys were removed after being tagged earlier this year as non-compliant. This gives owners time to rectify the situation prior to removal. Transport Canada, however, can remove buoys deemed to be a safety hazard without notice.

Following a similar enforcement effort in 2018, Transport Canada staff, along with assistance from CSRD Bylaw Enforcement, pulled 27 buoys over the course of two days in the Scotch Creek and Magna Bay area of the North Shuswap. Another day was spent on Mara Lake, pulling out 26 additional non-compliant buoys.

Due to the water level, staff were unable to remove buoys north of the Bruhn Bridge in Sicamous as planned. This will be followed up next year.

A total of 186 non-compliant buoys were also tagged in the North Shuswap to alert owners of violations. These buoys will be the target of future enforcement efforts.

For more information on Transport Canada buoy regulations, click here. There is also a guide for owners to assist with compliance.

The CSRD also has its own set of regulations dealing with docks and buoys for waterfront property owners. For more on these regulations, see the CSRD website under Dock & Buoy Regulations.


(Top right) A cement block is pulled from the waters of Mara Lake during a Transport Canada Enforcement effort to remove non-compliant buoys. 

(At right) Some of the 27 non-compliant buoys removed from Shuswap Lake in the North Shuswap.

(Below) Workers on a barge removed 26 buoys from Mara Lake. 

CSRD/Transport Canada photos

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