Board reviews mosquito control in the North Shuswap

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) is going to be making an appeal to BC Parks and approaching the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band regarding the mosquito control program in Electoral Area F - North Shuswap. 

Following a decision from BC Parks to deny the CSRD’s application to conduct mosquito control in Shuswap Lake and Tsútswecw Provincial parks, the CSRD has been advised by the program contractor for Electoral Area F that if the CSRD is not able to treat for mosquitoes in both the provincial parks, as well as the Hilliam Road area of Scotch Creek, the program should be abandoned.

It is believed the program would be ineffective if these large areas of mosquito habitat are no longer treated.

While approvals had previously be granted to treat for nuisance mosquitoes in these provincial parks, BC Parks has revised its position. In a report to the CSRD, BC Parks states nuisance mosquito control could negatively affect ecosystems, adding mosquito control is not necessary for the preservation or maintenance of the recreational values of either Shuswap Lake Park or Tsútswecw Park.

Electoral Area F director Jay Simpson told the board he believes Shuswap Lake Provincial Park is a more developed park with paved pathways and campgrounds, rather than a natural park, and made a motion for the CSRD to appeal the BC Parks decision. This was supported by the Board.

“Mosquitoes have not been as much of a concern this year, as water levels have been low, but other years it can be horrendous,” Simpson said.

 Although the Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band Council has provided support for the program to date, band management has recently expressed concerns with the treatment program on Band lands along Hilliam Road. As such, the CSRD is requesting confirmation of the band’s support for continued nuisance mosquito control in the Hilliam Road area before making a final decision on whether to continue with the program in Electoral Area F.

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