Sicamous Recycling Depot on the move

Monday, June 24, 2019

The CSRD Recycling Depot in Sicamous will be combined with the services available at the Sicamous Bottle Depot beginning July 2, 2019.

At the Regular meeting of June 20, 2019, CSRD Directors authorized the relocation of the downtown Sicamous Recycling Depot from its existing location at the Parkland Shopping Centre, at 1133 Eagle Pass Way, to the Sicamous Bottle Depot property located at 322 Finlayson Street. 

This location had previously been considered as the site of the CSRD depot, but space was limited due to the operation of the Greyhound Bus Depot. Now, with the closure of that operation, the Sicamous Bottle Depot has room to allow for the addition of the CSRD recycling bins. 

This means residents will need to make fewer stops in order to recycle their items, which has been shown to increase the amount of recyclables collected. The materials collected at the depot will remain the same.

The change will also mean increased hours for residents to be able to recycle. Currently, the depot at the Parkland Shopping Centre is open 24 hours per week. but once it moves, it will be open 36 hours per week, the same as the existing Bottle Depot hours of operation.

Photo: The Downtown Sicamous Recycling Depot, currently located behind the Parkland Shopping Centre, will be moving to the site of the Sicamous Bottle Depot on Finlayson Street on July 2. (CSRD photo)