CSRD appoints members of Aquatic Feasibility Advisory Committee

Friday, April 26, 2019

A committee has been formed to look into the idea of developing a regional indoor aquatic centre located in the Town of Golden.

The existing outdoor pool is nearing the end of its life cycle and a significant number of residents have identified a desire for year-round swimming opportunities. The goal of the committee's work is to make recommendations regarding the current and future aquatic needs of the community and how these needs can be achieved over time.

The committee is made up of 11 members including seven voting members, as well as the CSRD Electoral Area A Director; an elected official from the Town of Golden; one staff member from the CSRD; and one staff member from the Town of Golden.

At the Regular Meeting of April 18, 2019, the CSRD Board approved the appointment of the seven community members. They are:

Town of Golden Electoral Area A
Brian Gustafson Justin Telfor
Irene Gray Scott Weir
Kat Coatesworth  Stefanie Chomiak
Spencer Lainchbury  

The committee's mandate is to act in an advisory capacity to CSRD staff and the Electoral Area A Director. The CSRD Board has not delegated any decision-making authority to the Committee. 

The process will build upon the Golden Aquatic Centre Feasibility Study completed in 2007.