CSRD no longer to provide legal plans to the public

Friday, March 7, 2014

CSRD staff can no longer provide legal plans to the public. To obtain a legal plan go to a registry agent (www.bcapra.org), real property lawyer, notary public, or land surveyor.

Why do we no longer give out legal plans? 

The records provided to local governments are copies of records available through the Land Title Office. The LTSA is authorized to make land title records publicly available only upon payment of the appropriate statutory fee; unauthorized distribution, sale, resale or access to these materials is not permitted.

Land title records change frequently and may not be current. By making these records available, the local government would assume all liability for making available records which may have been subsequently changed or altered.

Did a recent change to the Land Title Act cause this change in the use of land title records?

No, the provision set out in Section 381 has not materially changed since 1921 – the LTSA is reminding local governments of the authorized use of records provided by the LTSA