Regular Board Meetings

How do I register for the Zoom meeting?

To find the registration link to join the Regular Board Meeting on Zoom, go to the Events calendar listing under the date of the meeting. Regular CSRD Board Meetings are usually held every third Thursday of the month at 9:30 AM.

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CSRD Regular Board Meetings are open to the public for citizens to watch and listen to the proceedings. The general public does not participate in Regular Board meetings unless they are part of the meeting agenda or in special circumstances, if invited to speak by the Board Chair.

At each CSRD Regular Board Meeting there will be a scheduled Public Question period of no more than 15 minutes in duration. 

Each person in attendance can ask up to two questions per meeting, with a three-minute time limit for each question. Those asking questions will need to provide their name and address for the recording secretary. Questions will be received from those in attendance at the Boardroom and those participating online. Those viewing online can use the "Raise Hand" feature on Zoom to be put on the speaking list. 

Regular business is conducted in an open forum, however, a portion of the meeting may be designated as in-camera, or closed, to the public pursuant to Sections 90(1) of the Community Charter. Typically this involves discussions around land purchases, labour relations and legal issues. The Province has more information available here.

There are two ways citizens can view Regular Board Meetings: in person or electronically via the Zoom platform. 


1. In-person attendance 

When in-person attendance is permitted, citizens can attend a Regular Board Meeting providing all the requirements for physical distancing can be met. In order to satisfy physical distancing requirements in the CSRD Boardroom, in-person attendance in the Boardroom is restricted to 15 people, so there will be limited seats available to the public. These seats are first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved. Masks are required.


2. Electronic Attendance

Electronic attendance at the Regular Board Meetings is available for individuals who may prefer this option rather than attending in person.

The CSRD will be using Zoom, a web-based meeting platform, for viewing the meeting and the public can attend by phone or computer. Attendees will be able to watch and/or listen to the proceedings live, but will not be able to directly participate or interact online, except during the public question period. At that time, citizens will be able to ask their question by using the "Raise Hand" feature on the Zoom platform. This is located at the bottom of the Zoom screen. You can use this feature to alert the moderator that you would like to ask a question. By doing this, the moderator will be alerted that you wish to speak and will unmute your microphone when it is your turn.

How can I join the meeting?

Access to the meeting will be through pre-registration. Anyone interested in attending the meeting can use the link provided on the CSRD's Events Tab under the Regular Board Meeting date or on the CSRD's Facebook and Twitter posts on this topic. This link will send you to a registration page. 

Once the registration steps are completed, an email will be automatically sent to the person giving them the link and password to join the meeting. This email will have the information for connecting either by computer, tablet or smartphone or by a telephone line. The link and password information will be unique and cannot be shared to others. 

The public can join the Zoom platform at the start time of the public portion of the meeting, which is usually 9:30 AM. The Zoom platform will not connect until the meeting is opened by the CSRD moderator. Should there be a change to the start time of the meeting, that information will appear on the Events Tab of the CSRD website on the date for the meeting.

If you are having technical difficulties, please contact Brad Payne, Manager, IT/GIS Services, at 250.833.5909 or by email at

Unsure about using Zoom to attend a Board Meeting?
Information for connecting by computer

Zoom has directions for users to get started whether you are using Windows or a Mac computer. Click the button below for detailed instructions.

Getting started with Zoom

Here is a video from Zoom that goes over how to join a meeting.


Information for connecting by phone

You can join a Zoom meeting via teleconferencing/audio conferencing (using a traditional phone). This is useful when:

  • you do not have a microphone or speaker on your PC/Mac,
  • you do not have a smartphone (iOS or Android) while on the road, or
  • you cannot connect to a network for video and VoIP (computer audio).

Zoom has instructions for people who want to use the telephone feature. This will provide step-by-step direction for using your phone to access a Board Meeting.

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