Public Participation

Looking for details on a specific meeting or public hearing?

To find information about the Regular Board Meeting or public hearing you are interested in, more information is available through our Events calendar under the date of the meeting or hearing. 

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As outlined in the CSRD's Strategic Plan, we are committed to creating an culture of engagement that ensures regular communication with residents on matters that affect them, involves stakeholders in decision-making, and builds trust among the CSRD member municipalities, electoral areas, and our partners.

As part of meeting these expectations, and in light of the restrictions currently in place as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the CSRD is providing various options for public engagement. 

These methods may include: 

  • In-person attendance at meetings;
  • An opportunity to submit written comments by email, in writing or by dropping off documents to the CSRD office;
  • Viewing a meeting electronically through the use of the Zoom platform.
  • Asking questions or making comments electronically when applicable.

The CSRD is now offering an electronic option for attending Regular Board Meetings and participating in Public Hearings on Development Applications.

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