Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee

Solid Waste Management - Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee.

The Plan Monitoring Advisory Committee (PMAC) was formed at the completion of the Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) review.  The PMAC is made up of citizens representing member communities, stakeholders in waste management, public representatives from all Electoral Areas, and representatives from the Province, First Nations, and CSRD staff.

The objectives of the PMAC are:

  • Receive feedback representative of the community
  • Consider information in an open, transparent forum
  • Monitor the progress of policy implementation
  • Provide advice that is independent from that of the CSRD staff and elected officials
  • Include the community during the decision making process
  • Provide an initial forum for community members and solid waste companies to make presentations if they are relevant to the future of the SWMP. 

Meeting minutes and agendas