Electoral Area C Advisory Planning Commission Meeting - 17-Jan./2020

January 17, 2020 - 2:00pm

DATE: Friday, January 17, 2020
TIME: 2:00 PM
PLACE: Cedar Heights Community Hall
2316 Lakeview Drive Blind Bay BC

1. Call to Order
2. Adoption of Agenda
3. Agenda:

Electoral Area C Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment (Barnard-Western Tree Seeds Ltd.) Bylaw No. 725-18
South Shuswap Zoning Amendment (Western Tree Seeds Ltd.) Bylaw No. 701-96

Short Summary: The agent has applied to re-designate and rezone the subject parcels 2288/2304 Blind Bay Road (subject parcel 1) and the neighbouring parcel Lot 17, PL12829 (subject parcel 2) in the Blind Bay area of Electoral Area C.

The northern portion of the properties are proposed to be re-designated from RR – Rural Residential to NR – Neighbourhood Residential and rezoned from RR1- Rural Residential to R1- Low Density Residential to facilitate a 5-lot bare land strata subdivision.

The southern and easterly portion of the properties are proposed to be re-designated from RR to PK – Parks and Open Spaces and rezoned from RR1 and R1 to P1 – Public and Institutional to facilitate the creation of a lot to be used as CSRD park.

South Shuswap Zoning Amendment (Venier) Bylaw No. 701-97

Short Summary: The owner of the subject property has made application to amend the zoning bylaw to recognize the existing use of the property as a mobile home park. Staff are recommending that the bylaw be given first reading and sent to applicable referral agencies.

Electoral Area C: Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) Application LC2573 Rock Ranch Holdings Ltd., Inc. BC1210471

Short Summary: This application is to allow relocation of an existing log home construction business previously approved as a non-farm use in the ALR for a property located at 1738 White Lake Road to the current subject property which is located at 3622 Ford Road.

Develop Variance Permit No. 701-90 (Dvorak)

Short Summary: The subject property is located at 4011 Eagle Bay Road in Eagle Bay of Electoral Area C, and is waterfront to Shuswap Lake. The property has an existing single family dwelling and boat house, and the owners have partially constructed a two-story detached garage with a proposed workshop in the lower level (“proposed garage”) without the required CSRD approvals. The proposed garage is over the maximum height regulation and requires a height variance to the South Shuswap Zoning Bylaw No. 701 (Bylaw No. 701) from 6 m to 6.57 m. The proposed garage is also within the front and interior side parcel line setbacks and requires a setback variance to Bylaw No. 701 from 5 m to 2.64 m for the front parcel line and from 2 m to 0.89 m for the interior side parcel line. 

Agricultural Land Commission (ALC Application) No. 2572C Section 20.1(2) – Non-adhering residential use in the ALR (Moniz)

Short Summary: The Applicant is applying for a non-adhering residential use in the ALC for a second dwelling for the owner's son and family to live on the farm