Electoral Area B Advisory Planning Commission Meeting

December 18, 2019 - 12:00pm

Revelstoke Community Centre - Boulder Room
600 Campbell Avenue, Revelstoke, BC


1. Call to order – Determination of quorum

2. Documentation of members, staff, applicant and public present

3. Agenda Items:

 Electoral Area B Official Community Plan Amendment (F. Linden Logging Co. Ltd.) BL850-13 and Electoral Area B Zoning Amendment (F. Linden Logging Co. Ltd.) Bylaw No 851-18

Owner/Applicant: F. Linden Logging Co. Ltd. Inc. No. BC0089825 C/O Paul Linden Agent: Browne Johnson Land Surveyors

Legal Description: District Lot 5694, Kootenay District PID: 016-033-663

Civic Address: 4541 and 4545 Highway 31, Trout Lake

Short Summary: The applicant would like to subdivide the subject property into 1 lot plus a remainder. In order to facilitate the proposed subdivision the applicant is proposing to amend the OCP designation from RSC – Rural and Resource to SH – Small Holdings and amend the zoning designation from RH – Rural Holdings to SH – Small Holdings. The applicant has offered a Section 219 covenant to limit the subdivision to a total of two parcels. Staff are recommending that the proposed bylaw amendments be given first reading and referred to applicable agencies and First Nations.

Electoral Area B: Development Variance Permit No. 851-05
Owner/Applicant: Mark and Christina Hartley

Legal Description: Lot 4 Section 14 Township 23 Range 2 West of the 6th Meridian Kootenay District Plan 5540 PID: 007-329-369

Civic Address: 1786 Gawiuk Rd, Revelstoke

Short Summary: The subject property is located at 1786 Gawiuk Rd in Revelstoke and is subject to the Electoral Area B Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 850 and the Electoral Area B Zoning Bylaw No. 851 (Bylaw No. 851). The owners are proposing to renovate a garage within an existing accessory building into a home occupation (coffee roastery). The maximum allowable gross floor area of an accessory building is 150 m2 and the maximum gross floor area for a home occupation is 100 m2. The existing accessory building has a gross floor area of 214.11m2, of which 107.06 m2 (the main floor) is proposed to be utilized for the home occupation. Additionally, Bylaw No. 851 requires a minimum setback of 2.0 m from an interior side parcel boundary for an accessory building and 5.0 m from an interior side parcel boundary for a home occupation. The subject accessory building’s foundation is located 1.26 m from the interior side parcel boundary, and the eaves are located 0.62 m from the interior side parcel boundary. Four variances are necessary to make the accessory building lawful and permit a home occupation to be established in the building.

4. Applicant/Agent Presentation
5. APC Discussion
6. APC Recommendations
7. Adjournment