Message from the Chief Administrative Officer

Charles Hamilton, CAO

The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is in the forefront of BC local governments through its progressive program delivery, its diversification and its growth.  Facilitating and managing this diversification and growth while delivering a wide range of daily services and programs to its six electoral areas and four member municipalities remains the operational focus of the Regional District.    I am pleased with my staff's continued efforts to maintain and manage these services in a cost-efficient and responsible manner.

The number of services and programs we deliver in response to the public’s requests, consideration for the environment and sound business practices continues to increase.  The list of services we provide grows annually with the number now exceeding 100.  Services vary from those that are local in nature (such as water supply & distribution and fire suppression), to sub-regional services that are provided to a number of areas (such as milfoil control within the Shuswap), to region-wide services that are provided to all areas of the CSRD (such as land use planning, 9-1-1, refuse disposal and recycling).

Some of the new services that the public has recently requested and approved through referendum have been exciting for staff to work on including the acquisition and upgrade of the Anglemont water system and electrification in the rural community of Seymour Arm.  We are also very pleased with a number of programs that are delivered in consideration of the environment including the recent commissioning of a landfill bio-gas plant at the Salmon Arm refuse disposal site.

In recognizing the need for better communication with the public we have now launched this new website that we hope users will find easier to navigate and more informative.  Facebook and Twitter are now also being used as a means of communicating with CSRD residents.  In addition, we have established a Regional District section in each of the weekly newspapers throughout the region that allows for all residents to easily find current events and notices under the CSRD banner.

The many challenges and workload are expected to continue into 2014 and beyond.  I am pleased to note that the Regional District is well prepared to face these many challenges.