Rural Sicamous Land Use Bylaw No. 2000

Bylaw Number: 2000

Rural Sicamous Land Use Bylaw No. 2000 within Electoral Area E.

This consolidated bylaw is not intended to be used for legal purposes.  The term “consolidated bylaw” simply means that the document represents the bylaw in its most recently amended form.  The consolidated bylaw consists of the original, or base, bylaw and current amendments which have been made to the base bylaw.

Proposed changes to affect Bylaw No. 2000

Plans are in progress to replace Rural Sicamous Land Use Bylaw No. 2000 with Electoral Area E OCP Bylaw No. 840 and Zoning Bylaw No. 841. There are some important considerations regarding Building Permit and Development Permit applications with respect to the proposed Electoral Area E (Rural Sicamous) Bylaw no. 840 (OCP) and Bylaw No. 841 (Zoning). This applies to anyone looking to apply for a building permit in the fall of 2021.

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Overview Maps

OCP Designations Area E (Schedule A) Download
Zoning Area E (Schedule B) Download

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